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  • "Daba emerges as a pioneering brand committed to revolutionising grooming rituals and empowering individuals to embrace their unique beauty."

  • "Shoppers are flocking to buy a product that has been described as 'the best body cream'."

  • "Daba understands that every dad deserves to feel pampered and cared for, which is why they've curated this luxurious set to cater to the unique needs of darker skin tones."

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Body Wash

Captivating Aroma

Step into a sensory haven with our unique blend of Bourbon and Oak. It's not just a scent; it's a warm, rich embrace that invites and excites.

Lather in Luxury

Surround yourself in a lather so rich, so luxurious, it transforms your shower into an indulgent escape. It's not just cleansing - it's a nourishing experience leaving your skin silky and cared for.

Deep Hydration for Deep Rejuvenation

More than just surface cleaning, this body wash delivers intense moisture, sinking deep to replenish and nourish every layer of your skin.


Body Lotion

Effortless Spread, Lasting Impact

Imagine a lotion so potent, a small dab rejuvenates your entire skin. Its smooth, light texture glides over your skin, covering every inch in moisture without the heavy feel.

Say Goodbye to Greasy Residues

This lotion understands your skin - it sinks in without a trace, leaving nothing but comfort and a smooth, silky finish.

Intense Hydration, Deeply Soothing

Infused with the richness of fair trade shea and cocoa butter, it quenches your skin's thirst and soothes you deeply. Specially created for men with melanin-rich skin, it's a drink of water for your skin's soul.

  • Africa-inspired ingredients

    Ingredients selected to reflected age-old practices from Black culture

  • Developed with experts

    Formulations designed to tackle skin issues faced by men with melanin-rich skin

  • Sustainable practices

    Packaging, ingredients and systems designed to protect for our precious planet

  • Made in the U.K.

    Production that guarantees the highest standards

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